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2019-08-19 · Providing unprecedented insight into venture valuations data, PitchBook’s 1H 2019 VC Valuations Report identifies critical trends across stages,. 2018-05-07 · Thus far in 2018, the late stage has seen the most dramatic increase in median pre-money valuations: a push to $75 million, a 19% increase over 2017's figure. Along valuation breakdowns by stage, the 1Q 2018 VC Valuations Report spotlights pre-seed valuations, valuation step-ups to successful exits, deal terms and more. 2014-11-18 · The 3Q 2018 VC Valuations Report unpacks a year that so far has produced valuation gains across all venture capital stages, the late-stage in particular showcasing a 50.7% YoY median valuation increase. This report and its accompanying Excel pack provide an.

2017-08-09 · The median late-stage VC valuation has more than doubled in size since 2009, while Series D round valuations hit a median of $250 million during 1H 2017. What's driving this uninterrupted surge? Our 1H 2017 VC Valuations Report analyzes data from all stages of the venture lifecycle in order to explore the key drivers. 2017-03-19 · Companies looking to exit may feel the pain if private valuations are unable to transfer into grand exit sums. The 2016 Annual VC Valuations Report looks at the data surrounding the valuation boom dissecting the datasets to find out where the growth is coming from and analyzing details that show which way valuations will go next. Report Highlights. 2019-12-19 · PitchBook is the leading source for private market reports and analyst notes. Read report. 4Q 2019. PitchBook Analyst Note: Nontraditional Investors in VC Are Here to Stay Read report. our analysts examine how entrepreneurial experience affects VC financings, valuations and exits. Read report. 2016-03-22 · How have venture valuations shifted in response to the downturn in activity? PitchBook's 2015 Annual VC Valuations & Trends Report examines multiple datasets of U.S. venture valuations in order to assess both the. 2013-10-30 · PitchBook has released its 4Q 2013 Venture Capital Valuations & Trends Report, which offers insight into a decade of VC valuations, financings and series terms. Powered by the PitchBook Platform, this report offers data-driven analysis on the venture capital space, particularly in valuations, series terms, deal flow and fundraising.

2019-03-21 · We hope this report helps inform your analysis around current VC valuation trends. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us at reports@. KYLE STANFORD Analyst 3 PITCHBOOK 2016 VC ANNUAL VALUATIONS REPORT. 2016-09-21 · PITCHBOOK 1H 2016 VC VALUATIONS REPORT. The new normal Overview Late-stage numbers continue to remain relatively resilient US VC activity by quarter Source: PitchBook As of 8/1/2016 A month past the half-year mark, overall activity still remains off-pace US VC activity by year Source: PitchBook As of 8/1/2016 617 344 178 95 0 500. 2015-09-10 · VALUATIONSTRENDS VC Median Valuations hit new records across all stages in 1H 2015. Page 6 Unicorns nearly double in number in 2015. Page 13 Mutual Funds piling into early stage rounds, pushing up valuations. Page 15 2H 2015 REPORT Sourced from more than 25,000 valuations of VC-backed companies in the PitchBook Platform.

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