November 11, 2011

~ Bone Marrow Registry
~ Documentary Fundraiser
~ Hair Donation Collection
~ Wig Out Celebration!

One party, four goals...together we can reach them


~Bone Marrow Registry and Donor Awareness Information
In Canada there are 900 people waiting for suitable donors. There is a specific need for males between 17 and 39 years of age. Specifically there is a need for ethnic diversity. Over 70% of current registered donors are Caucasion. Asians, Chinese, Indian, European, African... and mixed races are all needed.

~Collecting hair (starting with mine) for kid's wig
By a special ticket and enter a draw to be my stylist
(You get to actually chop off a hunk)
*All hair will be donated to a society that makes wigs for children.

Documentary Fundraiser
Finishing funds for 30 Zero Zero - 30 Days, Zero Waste, Zero Impact
(Simple steps to a healthier body, home and Planet)

~ And last but not least, let's party!

DJ, Bands, Prizes, Raffles, Silent Auction, Livestream to the Web

Why am I doing this?

I became inspired by a blog post from 15 year old Alice Pyne.

This is Alice. She's an incredible young lady who lives in the UK. Her blog Alice's Bucket List is both insightful and courageous and has increased awareness for Bone Marrow Registries worldwide.
I decided to create an event in Vancouver to help Alice with her goal to "To get everyone eligible to join the bone marrow register"

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Wouldn't you become a donor, (if you were a match of course), and possibly save a child's life? I know I would!

Registration is quick and simple. (and free)

More on becoming a donor:

Ideal donors are ethnically diverse, healthy males between 17 and 39. One Match is holding a donor registry drive at UBC on Oct. 26th, 2011. I challenge all residents of Metro Van to spread the word and for those who are committed to join in and sign up. It's a priceless gift that can save a life.


And your what about your hair?

If you have 10 inches or more of extra hair to share... I double dare you to crop it for the cause. Heck, it'll grow back!
Join me for an evening where we can all make a difference.
Donate, participate, register or just come and have a laugh at my expense… I’m WIGGING OUT for something I believe in.

Are you with me?

Millions and billions of dollars are washed down the drain each year and all for the price of beauty. Shampoos, conditioners, dyes, straighteners, correctors, relaxers, gels, glossers, fixers...

Society places so much importance on HAIR.
What is the cost? To our health? And our planet?

While I was learning to adjust my lifestyle habits during my 30 day zero waste challenge, I became acutely aware of how much we are polluting our bodies and water with senseless chemicals and additives.

30 zero zero is a documentary to inform people of the effects each of our actions has on our health and the environment that sustains us. With simple lifestyle adjustments (breaking bad habits and forming new ones) and at considerable savings (reducing consumption is key) we can all make a significant improvement on our quality of life and the health of our planet.

Thanks for your help in spreading the word about becoming a registered donor and for contributing to the completion of this important film.

Zero Hero's

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Dear Alice,
I know you already have a wig but there are other kids out there that could benefit from my locks. I'll be cutting it all off (streaming live to the web) on November 11th, 2011 at approximately 11:11pm. (8:11am in UK)

Noni xox

Calling all long-haired-freaky-people
(*potential hair donors or models*)
please apply by clicking the link:
Long Haired Freaky People

Save time and money while being kinder to the environment!
Donate your hair for a kid's WIG at our event.
Send an emai with your contact info and we'll buzz you back.

30 Zero Zero by Alison Richards is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.