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I'm Alison Richards and for the next 30 days, starting on April 1st, 2011 I'll be monitoring and documenting my actions and activities while striving to live with the least amount of impact and creating zero waste. This interactive web site is meant to serve as a portal for your participation. Chat with me during my daily 5PM web cast or post your tips and suggestions on the Facebook page. I hope to create a ripple of change through awareness and focusing on making one small change each day.


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Day Fifteen - April 15th, 2011

Yahoooooo!!!! Today is the half way point. I'm pretty happy with my results so far. The biggest waste I've had so far this month is a broken dinner plate. Still upset by it, but just like spilt milk, it's not worth losing sleep over. Accidents happen and it's a legitimate piece of garbage. My mom suggested it break it into teeny pieces and create some intricate mosaic artwork from it... Nice idea but actully it would make even more waste in the process. The biggest challenge I have now, is to figure out how to get it into my glass jar!

Yesterday I met Alexandra Morton and heard her suggestions on what we should be asking our federal candidates in this next election. It was an interested demonstration complete with pink furry handcuffs, yellow caution tape, skeleton costumes and a naked hot chick holding a sign that shamed the DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans)

No, the naked girl is NOT in this picture. She was brave for bearing all since it was an unbearably cold day for mid April. It started snowing just after I arrived back at the studio.

If I'm going to experience snow in April it better be on ski slopes in Whistler... well, actually I am headed up there for the day, but won't have time to hit the slopes. I'll be checking out the World Ski and Snowboarding Festival which runs from April 15th - 24th.

I'll be doing my Live @ 5 from up there if I can secure a good internet signal... and back again to Metro Vancouver on Saturday. Wish I could stay longer and follow some of the filmmakers competing in the 72 hour film race, but lots going in here over the next week.

See you Live @ 5 today from Whistler Village.


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City woman explores
zero-waste lifestyle

By Jennifer Moreau,
Burnaby Now April 9, 2011



Dear Readers,

As I lay soaking in the tub this morning getting ready to go to uni for the start of a new year, I realized how lucky I am to have a job that I absolutely adore. The holidays are also a wonderful part of being a teacher, but too much unstructured time makes Brenty a dull boy. Especially this spring break... For days and weeks after the quake, I did nothing. I couldn't concentrate. I didn't read, I didn't embroider, I didn't study; I didn't do anything except stare into space and wait for the next aftershock. My husband Shun (rhymes with "moon") and I still aren't sleeping well, but at least we have a roof over our heads and someone to sleep with. Occasionally, I would watch the quake/tsunami videos over and over again for hours at a time. That was it, though. Suddenly the cats would be meowing for their dinner, and I'd realize that another entire day had slipped by. Waste...

The spring season this year is especially poignant, because the
cherry blossoms, which symbolize the beauty yet shortness of life, arrived shortly after the twin disasters. Every year, millions of people across the country spread out picnic sheets under the glorious pink and white trees, and drink and sing and eat for all hours of the day. Not this year. There was a "debate" as to whether or not to have "hanami" (cherry-blossom-viewing parties) at all. But he editorial from Monday's Japan Times said, "Now more than ever, hanami can offer strength, insight and comfort to a nation grieving over its worst tragedy since World War II. Hanami is one of the symbols at the heart of the Japanese culture. The annual spring rite has always helped to throw off the winter blues and let people get away from their stifling routines."

I can't stop thinking about all those people who were going about their daily routines on March 11th, but at 2:46 p.m., within seconds, or minutes or an hour, their lives were over. Finished. Forever. My friend Satoko lives in Tokyo, but is from Kamaishi, one of the cities wiped off the map. I mailed her to see if her family was alright and she mailed back that she was watching the news and watching her hometown get obliterated by one of the tsunamis. It was five days before she found out that her sister, brother-in-law and two little nephews were alive. The tsunami washed everything up to within two houses of their home. Walking back to the station after school today with a British colleague, he told me that his wife's aunt's body was only recently recovered still in her car. She had apparently been trying to outrun one of the monsters waves.

Time is just as valuable a commodity as water. Don't waste it. Tell a loved one that you love them. Call a family member you haven't spoken to in a while. Do something special for your partner/spouse/ child/friend. Smile at a stranger; it might be the best thing that happens to them that day. Do something you've always wanted to do.
Don't put off taking a family trip. Don't go to bed angry with someone in your family; you, or they, might not wake up the next morning. One of the saddest stories I remember from 9/11 (one of thousands), was a widow saying that on that horrible morning she and her husband had had a fight and didn't say, "I love you" when he left. He didn't come home. In the spring of 1941, Alison's and my grandmother kissed her husband goodbye and sent him off to war. In May of 1941, Grannie was suddenly a 24-year-old widow with two little girls (our mothers). Send your parents or grandparents a card. Shop for someone who is housebound. Volunteer. Visit a nursing home and make new friends. Limit the time your children play with their electronic gadgets and computers. Spend an hour a night playing board games, or cards with your spouse and children. Take turns reading aloud to each other. Play charades or Twister! Little kids LOVE watching their parents play Twister!!! Act silly. Throw a costume party. Turn off the lights, light some candles, turn on the stereo and slow dance with someone you love. Get rid of the television! Shun and I don't have one, and when it died two years ago, it was the best thing that could have happened. We would waste HOURS just sitting there glued to the set. For decades my mother wouldn't allow a TV at the cottage. After dinner we'd go out in the boat or the canoe, or maybe play Scrabble or four-handed solitaire.
Lie on the dock and look for shooting stars. Toast arshmallows.
Hook rugs. Read. Just BE together. Don't waste your time or any chances that come your way! You might not be here in a second or a few minutes, or an hour...

Monday's editorial finished with, "Hanami has always been a reset button for people's mental attitude and emotional outlook. Now, it can serve as another step toward finding the inner strength and positive attitude needed for Japan's recovery. Meditating on the brevity of live and reassessing the beauty of each passing moment is not such a bad offering for those who have no way to see the blossoms this year."


Tokyo Trash Talk

from my cousin

Brent Fialka

Our grandparents on
October 17th, 1934


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