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Day Nine - April 9th, 2011

Did my Live @ Five a bit early today since I had visitors from out of town and I promised to take them to the market to get fresh produce for their travels. I showed them around while sharing information about my project and challenge to be Zero Waste and Zero Impact. Kim and Tom live in Truckee California (about 1/2 hour from Reno and Tahoe) and are avid outdoors people. They are headed for a week of skiing and promised they will be carbon conscious while in BC. They even rented a teeny car that barely held all their equipment, skis, helmets, snow gear, etc.

See you Live @ 5!


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Lesson on Advocacy

Anyone who tracks current events knows that the power is with the people. We live in the information age and it's not only spreading access to knowledge but connecting people in significant ways. All over the Middle East citizens have united to take back the power from corrupt government. Democracy is a global phenomenon that is catching on and bringing renewed hopes of change. Obama's election platform was built on that very strategy.

It's important to remember that we hold power over our government at all levels; municipal, provincial and federal. As Canadians we are blessed with certain undeniable rights. With those rights also comes a certain amount of responsibility. When we witness injustices or discover "dirt" on a business, corporation or leader its up to us to spread that message. Vote, sign petitions, write your MLA, attend public hearings and speak out! Here's a great lesson on Advocacy from a recent TED Talk by Ken Cook from the Environmental Working Group.


Brent Fialka


Dearest Cousin,

Still in Hiroshima for the kiddie shows and when I woke up and looked in the mirror I screamed! No amount of tea bags or bird poo could have helped my face this morning. Even after I showered and did my show makeup, I could have passed for Keith Richards twin sister. It's no wonder the kids scream when they first see me!

I hate hotel beds because I never have a good sleep; I miss my soft, squishy futon!!! They're so much more practical and CLEANER than beds. A conscientious Japanese housewife will put all the bedding out every day that is sunny and sayonara mattress mites and bedding bugs! VOILA!

Okay, break time is over. One show down and four to go. Ye gods and little fishies!


Tokyo Trash Talk

from my cousin Brent Fialka

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