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30 Days, Zer0 Waste, Zer0 Impact

Hey Metro Vancouver!

I'm Alison Richards and for 30 days, starting on April 1st, 2011 I'll be monitoring and documenting my actions and activities while striving to live with the least amount of impact and creating zero waste. This interactive web site is meant to serve as a portal for your participation. Chat with me during my daily 5PM web cast or post your tips and suggestions on the Facebook page. I hope to create a ripple of change through awareness and focusing on making one small change each day.


Day Twenty Nine - April 29th, 2011

This is what makes it all worth while:

Hi Alison,
Since I wrote the story on you, I’ve been trying to cut down on packaging and bags. I’ve convinced some of my coworkers to switch from Styrofoam plates in the newsroom to ceramic plates. And, I got a worm composting kit for my balcony, turned my heat down and put on sweaters instead, and used some of my grey water for the plants. I also took my own container to a take-out place for the first time!
Thanks for the inspiration,

Jennifer Moreau

Yeah! If we all start making a few simple changes... With 2.4 Million people in Metro Vancouver... It all adds up to positive impact.

One of the things that I didn't mention about my visit to the recycling center yesterday was proper disposal of pet waste. There are companies that will come and scoop your poop making sure that it gets the correct treatment and doesn't end up in the land fills.

As for cat litter... we have so many kinds that are full of chemicals and shouldn't be used. Stick to a natural source litter and flush the waste. Brent has suggests some brands from Japan that are made from soy products. 100% natural and totally flushable. Do we have those here?

Link below to more on soy cat litter...

Going to visit a couple of leaders for a greener Metro Vancouver today. Modo Car Share and Scraps Green General Store. I had such a good time at both these places, I am going back for more!

How did you get to work today? If you drove, have you considered the alternatives? Bike, Bus, Train, Walk? Have you calculated the cost in time and resources lost? You'd be surprised when you start comparing more sustainable methods in both cost and time savings.

After I explore sustainable transportation I'll do a little shopping for the weekend and pick up a few gifts for some special helpers. I try to buy responsibly and love to find unique ways to re-purpose items and revamp old treasures... Scraps has lots of great ideas and an eclectic mix of inventory in store.

Can't wait till Saturday for the Navigating The Great Turning - An Un-Conference To Be The Change. What a perfect way to end my 30 day journey!? Okay, lots to do so I better get cracking for the last 2 days.

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"Best cat litter I've ever used. Really keeps the odor down and COMPLETELY dissolves in the toilet. ALL NATURAL! NO CHEMICALS!"

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City woman explores
zero-waste lifestyle

By Jennifer Moreau,
Burnaby Now link


Madness, daaaaaarling!

You have simply GOT to proofread what I send you and fix the spelling mistakes, as I certainly don't reread what I've written! Yesterday I wrote "heard" instead of "herd"! GAAAWWD! {I never edit!}

On the way home from uni today with my colleague/friend, Blake, we started talking about how we both hate the North American lawn. We feel that they should be OUTLAWED and replaced with huge clumps of flowers, (yes, he's a member of my choir!), shrubberies, or let them go wild! Leave a border of grass around the edge, buy a few packets of mixed seeds and plant yourself a mini-meadow in the middle designed to attract birds, or butterflies! Think of all the time you'd save not having to mow the lawn every 5 days. Time and gas and money! No more chemicals being dumped onto the ground to keep your grass green. No more water being wasted to keep it alive! No more noise on the weekends and exhaust fumes from the mower. Birds and butterflies instead! BIRDS AND BUTTERFLIES, PEOPLE!!!

Most Japanese homes in the city don't have the space for a garden, let alone a lawn, so most people resort to container gardening. Shun and I have a fifty square meter roof garden (on the fifth floor) which is absolutely FULL of fabulous flowers and plants! Everything is in pots, and, yes, in the summer watering is time- consuming because the wind up that high, and the heat can really dry things out, but it's worth it. We have blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, mini peaches, two kinds of Japanese berries which I have no idea what they are, strawberries, mulberries and dozens of other flowering or leafy plants. Two kinds of maples, several kinds of ivy and ferns, schefflera, Japanese yew, three kinds of bamboo, privet (self seeded from bird poop!), orchids, cymbidium ( a member of the orchid family), hibiscus, camellias, herbs, roses, jasmine, wisteria, hosta, morning glories, a willow tree, bougainvillea, Rose of Sharon, aspidistra, spider plants EVERYWHERE, clematis, poppies (self-seeded), geraniums and on and on and on ad infinitum!
(Almost..) In the next few weeks, we'll start buying the annuals to add colour and pizzazz!

A lot of neighbourhood parks have flowers planted in them by the people that live nearby. The pocket park behind our building is absolutely gorgeous this year! I don't know who organized it (probably one of the old bossy-boots grannies), but they've outdone themselves. Get together with your neighbours, pitch in a few dollars and beautify your 'hood!

If you're totally spastic and unable to keep even weeds alive, then go to a good nursery, tell them what you want to do with your yard, and fill it with low maintenance, hard-to-murder perennials which they'll help you choose. They'll come back every year and you don't have to do a thing! Plant a shrubbery or put in a large rock garden. Rocks are fairly easy to look after and pretty tricky to kill. Plant a couple of fruit trees. Put in a traditional Japanese garden! VOILA!

The wind tonight is unreal, almost gale force, and I can hear things blowing over on the roof! Crap! It's also making the windows bang and rattle which is unsettling for our poor, neurotic little greyhound because they make the same sounds as they do in an earthquake. He was here all by himself on March 11th, along with the three cats, but cats are cool and they didn't freak, and, you know, he still doesn't want to come back into the building after walkies even after all these weeks! The wisteria has just started blooming and I'm afraid to think what it will look like tomorrow what with this tempest!

Anyway, my dear, time to tidy up a bit before Shunbug gets home.
Looks like the storm has blown through here!!!

Kiss, kiss!

Tokyo Trash Talk
Brent Fialka


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