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Day Four - April 4th, 2011

Yesterday I spoke about the abundance of water in the Metro Vancouver region and sure enough... Today it's pouring rain. We live in a lush area where frequent rainfall provides fresh water for trees and keeps the city clean and green. What happens to the water that goes into the storm drains? Does the dirt and garbage get washed down with it? What about the drains in our homes. How many toxins does the average household dump down the drain each year? What about the chemicals such at fertilizer, pesticides and insecticides that we use in our gardens.

Spring is a time of year that we start planning our gardens, potting seedlings for planting, tuning up the lawnmower, tilling the soil for our veggie patch... What changes can we make that will decrease the toxins used? Can we eliminate areas of grass and put eco-friendly ground cover, gravel, wood decks or paving stones? Grass is HIGH MAINTANENCE! Here are some easy alternatives and ideas for making mowing and care quicker and simpler. lawn_alternatives

Since it's raining today, I'm going to do some Spring Cleaning in the house. I'll share some of my recipes for earth friendly cleaners during the Live @ 5 web cast today.


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