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Day Six - April 6th, 2011

I may run into some trouble today.

I hate shopping and avoid it unless absolutely necessary. Today I’ve scheduled to visit second-hand stores to supplement and refresh last years spring and summer wardrobe. The idea is to reuse and re-purpose clothes and limit excess purchasing. That’s easy with prices so high and pockets so empty.

My friend gave me this advice on shopping at Value Village “The trick is to wear a bathing suit into the store so you can try things on without having to go into the changing rooms.”
Not sure if I’m up for that but… I will make sure my shoes are slip-ons and I’ll wear a tank top for trying shirts, blouses and jackets.

Watch me Live @ 5 for the fashion show... (tomorrow)

Change of plans!!!

I have an interview with the Burnaby Now at 1PM and I'm going to show them how I do my grocery shopping. I'll tell you all about the adventure on Live @ 5, plus will be posting a new article from my cousin Brent in Tokyo Trash Talk.

See you Live @ 5!


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