Alison Richards completed the challenge to live zero waste and zero impact for 30 days. Despite the fact that several people suggested she cut corners (cheat)... she took it very seriously and actually got a little carried away at times.

30 Days, Zer0 Waste, Zer0 Impact

Happy Canada Day & Happy Birthday USA!

Let's be good neigbours and join forces to heal our planet. With the recent report on the state of the ocean it's clear that immediate change is imperitive. We can start by cleaning out our closets (disclosing relevent data and evidence of heath hazards) and stop selling banned substances (Asbestos in Quebec is being sold to third world countries despite the knowledge that it causes cancer and is illegal to use in Canada) Now more than ever we need to act responsibly with resources and government expeditures (No more ridiculous riots the result of which is only loss pride, dignity and tourism dollars)

New daily action...

** Go Tankless **
In the world of water heaters, the future has arrived. More and more people are retiring their basement beasts and moving to tankless water heating systems. Today, do a little research and see if a tankless water heater might be on your horizon.

June 28th, 2011

I can't believe how much information is out there!!! The internet has been my number one source while developing and researching this documentary. I've uncovered incredible data, watched grossly disturbing videos on everything from kill floor slaughters to pandemic disease from toxic dumping by powerhouse corporations who grease the palms of slick politicians.

I subscribe to countless blogs, newsletters and PR News outlets so a good portion of my day is spent reading about our ill fated future on this fragile planet. If you haven't read the report on the state of the oceans yet, this is a must read!

As a follow-up, and on a more local level, here's a link to a creatively written piece on Wild Salmon by Super Heroes 4 Salmon.

May 24th, 2011

Just found a video that shows how a big budget film switched to green by following guidelines and setting goals for each department.

Sam Mendes explains why he produced his film 'Away We Go' sustainability! on Vimeo.

We've been adhering to green filmmaking technique for this project. Zero Waste project,Zero Waste Production!

May 24th, 2011

I updated the archive pages and added an easier (calendar style) grid at the bottom of each page. To get back to main page just click on the 30 Zero Zero logo.

May 15th, 2011

I uploaded a 60 sec. teaser for the Projecting Change Film Festival. It's on Facebook and youtube. Please have a look and give it a thumbs up if you feel inspired. This weekend is the Sustainability Expo. Lots of great stuff always going on in Vancouver. If we all make a few simple lifestyle changes, Metro Vancouver can reach its goals to become a world leader in waste management and sustainability. Become a Zero Hero! Living Zero Waste and Zero Impact can be achieved one step at a time.


May 4th, 2011

We've started sifting through the footage we shot over the past month and it's amazing the amount of material we've amassed. It's going to be difficult to decide what goes and what stays for the final documentary. The good news is that I can still post information and links here on the website and we can also post clips or photos from interesting content that might not fit into the film.

While I was going through my notes this morning I found a link to this great resource from the Natural Resources Defense Council. In a section called This or That, you'll find some common questions and realistic solutions. Which is better a fake or real Christmas tree? Down vs. Wool?

Laundry Detergent: Powder vs. Liquid and more This or That.

Hi Alison,
Since I wrote the story on you, I’ve been trying to cut down on packaging and bags. I’ve convinced some of my coworkers to switch from Styrofoam plates in the newsroom to ceramic plates. And, I got a worm composting kit for my balcony, turned my heat down and put on sweaters instead, and used some of my grey water for the plants. I also took my own container to a take-out place for the first time!
Thanks for the inspiration,


City woman explores
zero-waste lifestyle

By Jennifer Moreau,
Burnaby Now link

I spent 30 days in April living as close to Zero Waste and Zero Impact as possible. The video archives at below and links to each day of the Challenge. Initiated by a desire to create awareness and action toward becoming the Greenest City in the World.

Dear Alison,

Let's talk trash today! Due to the fact that there is so little
available free land in Japan, there's no where to dump garbage.
Consequently, there are very rigid guidelines outlining when, where
and how you can get rid of your waste. Shun is on top of that
because I get confused as to which plastic goes into recyclable garbage and which kind goes into burnable. I can never remember which days are for throwing out large junk and which days are for small things. He even washes all the garbage before it goes out because he says the recycling centres don't want greasy trash coming in. He also says it's just good manners to keep things clean and tidy for the sanitation worker! Sometimes I feel like a heathen around him!

Supermarkets have large bins so that you can unpack your produce and leave the styrofoam trays and what not there. All convenience stores, train stations and any public places have multiple trash cans so that you can separate your rubbish on the spot.

When you're throwing out your trash at home, you're supposed to leave it on the curb the morning of pick up day, but it's too early for me, so I pitch it out at night and hopefully the neighbours won't see me! I actually had an elderly women bring my garbage back to my apartment when I first moved here, because I put it out on the wrong day!

Hope all is well!


Be sure to check the archives below for more interesting tips and perspectives from Brent in Tokyo.
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Brent Fialka

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Zero Impact Team - Zero Heroes Role Call

Take the pledge to walk, bike or carpool.
Want a cleaner conscience? Walking, biking or carpooling on a regular basis can help.
Transportation is currently the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada,
and nasty emissions like carbon dioxide are the cause of ocean acidification and climate change.
By reducing the emissions you spew into the atmosphere from driving your car,
many key species in oceans ecosystems – like shellfish and coral – will be very happy creatures.

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